Looking for inspiration?

If you need inspiration to find you next art print or simply looking for decorating and styling ideas we suggest you visit our gallery. Here you can browse interior photos featuring many of the posters and art prints found in our selection and you can read more about the artists and designers we work with, keep track of new stuff and much more.


THE POSTER CLUB is a Copenhagen-based online store offering an unique curated selection of high quality posters and art prints from both upcoming and established artists.

Our inspiration mainly comes from the trends in Scandinavian lifestyle, fashion and interior design. In our selection you can find anything from black and white drawings, to abstract art prints and edgy photo art. Many of the posters and art prints in our selection are sold exclusively here.

Beside features in magazines and news papers all over the world, THE POSTER CLUB is recommended by numerous leading interior and design blogs and well respected for the unique selection and high quality art prints.


THE POSTER CLUB collection

THE POSTER CLUB collection is our own curated collection of posters and art prints made by different artist, photographers and designers exclusively for or licensed to THE POSTER CLUB. For retail request please e-mail us at More prints to be added to the selection in the very near future, stay tuned. See the current collection here.



Interested in selling your artwork or posters at THE POSTER CLUB? Send us an e-mail at and we will get back to you asap. Note! We get a lot of submissions daily and want to spend as much time as necessary to evaluate each submission individually – so please allow up to 14 days for us to get back to you.