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Alexandra Papadimouli

Designer Alexandra Papadimouli lives and works in Greece. She was born in Athens, Greece, where she has been living and working as a graphic designer. Through her work, she aims to combine minimalistic Nordic style and themes inspired by the Aegean islands.

Her main inspiration source is the island of Tinos, her second home: the sea with the ever-changing colors and moods, the rough and proudly standing rocks and the wise local architecture.

"I wish my designs can find their way to the homes of people who love the Aegean as much as I do, and to the homes of visitors who want to take a memory of it with them…"

In 2014 she created a design-decor project which she named “The Round Button”. The main idea behind this project was to combine minimalistic style with themes inspired by the Cyclades islands. While it began as a prints project, it now involves collaborating with architects & decorators for the decoration of homes, hotels and office spaces.

In her own words “...Each of my prints has a story behind it: A shape and its origin, a form and its function, all ready to be discovered.”

When asked to describe her artwork, Alexandra uses the following words: Architectural, Cycladic, Clean-formed.

"To me, art is a way of breathing."
Alexandra Papadimouli | Via theposterclub.com

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