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Alexandra Papadimouli

Born and raised in Greece, Alexandra Papadimouli has always held a special adornment for Greek Nature. Especially the Aegean islands where Papadimouli spends most Summers, her second home being the island of Tinos.

It is the sea with the ever-changing colours and moods, the rough and proudly standing rocks and the wise local architecture.”

The architectural shapes and natural elements of the island become the inspiration for her artworks in which she translates the Greek atmosphere into a minimalistic, clean setting. 

And this tribute to Tinos and Greece is evident in her work: From the abstract shapes to the sandy colour palette with a single pop of deep blue.

Creating art is a constant in Papadimouli’s everyday life.

To me, art is a way of breathing.
Alexandra Papadimouli | Via theposterclub.com

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