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Alice Bottigliero

Alice Bottigliero is a French graphic designer and illustrator based in Bordeaux, France. Following graduation from the National Superior Applied Arts & Craft School in Paris, she founded Forme Brute, a graphic design and art direction studio focusing on culture, events and gastronomy.

Now working as a full-time artist, her work is deeply influenced by her love for meals and the symbolic value they hold. In Alice’s family, cooking and sharing meals have always been a way of expressing love. It is these and the moments spent enjoying life’s simple pleasures that form the foundation of her artistic inspiration.

“I’ve dubbed these timeless, slightly suspended moments in which we like to lose ourselves – or find ourselves again – moments refuges. They depend on a whole host of things: our mood, the moment, the people around us. They can be hidden in a steaming cup of tea, on the kitchen counter in the morning, in a bouquet of fresh tulips from the market… We all have these moments. They’re mostly healthy, funny, sweet and they lodge themselves in a smell, a light, a sensation, a memory that reminds us why it’s good to be here,” Alice explains.

Silhouettes and Shapes

Her preferred medium is cut paper, allowing her to explore silhouettes and easily recognisable shapes in her compositions. The tactile nature of paper, with its texture and imperfections, provides a unique sensitivity and warmth to Alice’s work. She conceptualises ideas by hand, filling notebooks with sketches and thoughts before refining her designs digitally. Her lively artworks uplift everyday life and are influenced by the Impressionist movement for their use of colour and the Bauhaus movement for meticulous compositions.

“My relationship with colour is definitely a love story,” Alice says. “I find that the field of possibilities is infinite. It’s exhilarating to find effective colour combinations that vibrate with each other, enhance each other and bring a little cheerfulness to everyday life.”


Portrait by Marine Brusson

All prints from Alice Bottigliero