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Ana Santl

Cast in nostalgic golden light, the work of Slovenian-born globetrotter and photographer Ana Santl is filled with memories.

In her professional work, she mainly focuses on travel and interior, whereas her personal work is focused on documenting her and her family’s everyday life on analogue film. Using the analogue approach gives her work a feeling of preservation and capturing authentic moments: “My process in my personal work is intuitive and spontaneous, a diary of moments that I want to remember,” she says.

Having lived outside her home country most of her life, spending time with her family of three takes high priority. “My aspirations are to find a balance between work and family life, between exploring the world and learning how to stand still. To be patient and find peace with where I am, and to make a home where we can stay for a long time.”

Artistic Exploration of Athens

Currently, she is situated in Greece. A place that seems to have captured her and her husband’s hearts. And it is the perfect setting for capturing some of her favourite motifs: The sea, wildflowers, empty dining tables, citruses, and shadow play.

Another thread running through Ana’s work is the colours: “I do love colours, especially the ones that occur in nature and landscapes and change with the seasons. I noticed that I’m particularly drawn to magentas, oranges and blues and often capture those.”

Still new to their current home city, Ana enjoys spending a lot of her spare time exploring Athens. Walking around without a map, enjoying the sunshine and looking for those snapshots she so keenly captures on film.


Portrait by Kristoffer Tjalve, Anise & Ouzo

All prints from Ana Santl