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Anastasia Benko

Anastasia Benko is a stylist, artist and vintage shop owner. She was born in Ukraine, but is currently based in Germany. Her work is a product of many years of exploration, travels, and inspiration from all types of artistic avenues.

Her style is a combination of gatherings from nature, using all that her surroundings offer. Not one of her stylings are in lack of natural elements. She is often referred to as a collector of nature, a forager of flowers, plants, and fruits.

"Today, I find myself most inspired when I create interior vignettes with the items I have collected in nature or on my travels, be it wild flowers, branches or antiques. Bringing the outside in is something that I find incredibly transformational and nurturing, which I share in depth throughout each photograph. Each and every day I practice witnessing the beauty of life through my work. For now, I am grateful to be living my dream of collecting, creating and capturing the essence of beauty in my own unique way."
Anastasia Benko | Via theposterclub.com

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