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Anastasia Benko

Born in the Ukraine, Anastasia Benko is an artist, photographer and interior stylist. Having lived in the United States before, she now lives in Germany in a 1970’s bungalow with her studio attached to it.

Her multicultural and global practice allowed her to explore different creative paths from the early age of three. Her diversified artistic expression includes fine-art photography, drawings and abstract paintings.

"Today, I find myself most inspired when I create interior vignettes with the items I have collected in nature or on my travels, be it wild flowers, branches or antiques. Bringing the outside in is something that I find incredibly transformational and nurturing, which I share in depth throughout each photograph. Each and every day I practice witnessing the beauty of life through my work. For now, I am grateful to be living my dream of collecting, creating and capturing the essence of beauty in my own unique way."

Anastasia has carved a hopeful path for herself as a visual artist: pushing boundaries and an ever evolving, optimistic visual language is a driving force to conquer daily challenges. Exploring themes like impermanence she finds herself most inspired when she can play with topics rooted below the surface of beauty. Her works mirror a relentless search for a sense of shared togetherness and joy.

"In life we are all faced with challenging episodes, but art has always had the superpower to nurture my soul. To me it has the transformational energy to create meaning out of void. So it’s up to you and me to fill these colors with hopes, dreams and a sense of wonder we all have."
Anastasia Benko | Via theposterclub.com

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