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Anine Cecilie Iversen

Using watercolours and oil pastels to create a sense of movement in her work, self-taught Danish artist Anine Cecilie Iversen creates artworks that are fuelled by intuition and a fascination with florals. Her style is colourful and organic, and she finds great inspiration in thrift treasures and British cottage aesthetics.
“I love finding art and botanic books secondhand. My most recent find is a real gem; a photo book from the mid-nineties, featuring the most wonderful bouquets from the Karen Blixen museum north of Copenhagen.”

Flipping through books is a large part of Anine’s artistic process, which is then proceeded by experimenting with colour combinations and light sketching. And it is often the flowers that take center stage when she paints. She explains: “Flowers keep fascinating me because of their ever-changing variations in colours, shapes, and expressiveness — and they always bring joy.”

Impressed by Impressionists

From an early age, Anine was introduced to the French impressionists by her father, who teaches art: “We would often visit museums in Europe such as Musée d’Orsay in Paris,” she tells, reminiscing about discovering the work of Matisse for the first time.
“I especially remember being fascinated with the vibrant colours, which still inspires me a lot. I also am inspired by the work of Pierre Boncompain, his floral pieces in particular.”

Her introduction to the world of art led to a strong sense of visual aesthetics, that has stayed with her through the years. Anine explains that she has always felt particularly drawn to the beauty and expressiveness of colours and how certain colours can complement and even uplift each other. And her love of colours is something she explores in other creative fields as well: “At the moment, I am into restoring vintage frames and painting them in new colours.”

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