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Anna Johansson

“I am at a stage where I try a lot of new things, and trying to figure out what my passion is. For now, I feel most happy and satisfied with mixing acrylic, paper, and textile on linen canvas. I like the blend of materials, the tactility, and the depth you get.”

Anna Johansson lives in the heart of Stockholm with her family. She works as Creative Director and Designer and uses her work as an artist as a way to connect with herself and close off the pressure and distractions from the outside world. “Art should not be complicated. I want to invite people into my artistic world and blur the boundaries of reality.” 

She gathers most of her inspiration subconsciously throughout the day and transforms it into abstract motifs that she mostly keeps in neutral or subtle colours: “I love colours but have difficulty finding the right way to use them. Sometimes I feel they compete with the shapes, which disturbs the balance. But I am working on finding it.”


Home is where the heart is

To Anna, a perfect Saturday involves freshly brewed coffee enjoyed in peace and quiet: “Which never happens, as a mini-monster dressed as a princess constantly tries to get my attention.” She laughs. The more likely scenario is a Saturday spent strolling in the sun with her family, a glass of wine in the evening and lots of laughter shared with friends.

“Our home is my temple,” Anna explains and says that she makes a point out of surrounding herself with things that she loves — to create a space of joy and tranquillity.

When asked what goals she holds for herself and her career, she says: “I always focus on what gives me energy and what makes me happy. To work and earn from my creativity and never give up or compromise on that.”

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