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Anna Johansson

Born in the south of Sweden, Anna started creating art the moment she understood the result of putting a pen to paper, or how clay could be formed into shapes. It was a way for her to connect with herself and close off to the outside world, pushing away all the rules and stress of the conventional society. Anna Johansson is now a 29-year-old young woman, living in Stockholm with her loving boyfriend.

“Our home is our temple. We are both crazy interested in interior design, lighting, and art, so I am always surrounded with things that I love.”

Working as a Creative Director and designer at the Swedish shoe brand Flattered Studio, Anna unfolds her creativity both during her working hours and continues when she comes home. For her, art is all-consuming.

She gets her inspiration from the things she surrounds herself with, the feelings that travel through her and people in her life.

“My brain seems to pick up things unconsciously and inspire my works. I find links to my surroundings, in people I meet and things that I experience, through my art. If I had to explain my art in three words: unforced, simple and elegant.”

Taking inspiration from artists such as Helene Schjerfbeck, with her melancholic, beautifully colored portraits, Henri Matisse and his cut-outs, Finn Juhl and the leather chairs that he creates and Phoebe Philo with her strong female silhouettes, Anna has a very humble and honorable relationship to art.

“For me, creating things should be an unforced and happy process. I believe in not following recipes or how-to guidelines. I just do. As a child, I was very fascinated by architecture, glass art, dance, and interior design. I have always had a need to express myself with my hands and visualize what I had in my head. With my background in art and fashion design, it became natural to start working with fashion drawings. This has since resulted in more art forms as abstract sculptures and paintings. When people ask me what inspires me, I often tell them that it comes without me knowing it. I think it is very fascinating that the things we pick up in our subconscious, could later be shown in the things we create. For me, art should not be so complicated. I want to invite people into my artistic world and blur out boundaries between the difficult and complex art with a few flicks of color and dashes here and there.”
Anna Johansson | Via theposterclub.com

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