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Anna Johansson

To Swedish artist, Anna Johansson being creative has been a way for her to connect with herself and close off the outside world with all its pressure and restricting social conventions. 

Today, working as a Creative Director of a Scandinavian shoe brand, she unfolds her creativity both during her working hours and when she comes home. For Johansson, art is all-consuming.

Art should not be so complicated. I want to invite people into my artistic world and blur out the boundaries between difficult and complex art with a few flicks of colour and dashes here and there.

Johansson describes her work as unforced and elegant. She is inspired by her surroundings - especially interior design. "Our home is our temple," she says, and further explains that she makes sure to surround herself with things that she loves.
Anna Johansson | Via theposterclub.com

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