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Anna Mörner

Anna Mörner is based and born in Stockholm Sweden. She started creating art from an early age, but when she was around her twenties she wanted to explore her art more, it has always been her comfort zone.

For Anna art is a way of expressing herself: “Its fun and I like that art has no rules. You make your thoughts come alive, it’s a search of experiments.” When asked to describe her art, she replies: earthy, harmonious, fun.

Getting her inspiration from abstract drawings with great color combinations, also great fashion and furniture.

"My art is often figurative and I think my most known work is online drawing. I do also work a lot with oil on bigger scales drawings. I was asked to do a collaboration for FRAMA CPH witch is this far my biggest achievement and more fun things to come!"

Art is for Anna a way of living, "you are open for impressions and to be able to make it your own in any form of expression."
Anna Mörner | Via theposterclub.com

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