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Anna Mörner

“I like that art has no rules. You make your thoughts come alive,” says Stockholm-based artist Anna Mörner. Her artwork is a concoction of organic shapes and dynamic movement, leaving a calm flow. And she describes her artistic style as somewhere between Scandinavian minimalism and eclecticism.

Anna works mainly with acrylic paint, oil and pastels and has a soft colour palette reflecting her inner nature. 

She tries to balance her everyday life in Stockholm with spending as much time as possible outside with friends and her dog. “I am a social person. Seeing friends and family, having long dinners and simply enjoying good food and wine. That is important to me.”

Working as an artist

“I have this cute studio located on a small island in the city centre called Långholmen,” Anna tells and continues: “I am so lucky to have my studio here. Dogs are allowed to walk free so it is perfect for my lunch walks with my dog and you can also swim during the summer.” 

From her studio, she works full-time as an artist, however, she also takes on projects within photography and graphic design. During the last couple of years, she has explored using other materials as a canvas for her artwork, such as textiles, ceramics and furniture. And her latest project is launching a new brand that designs dog accessories, paying tribute to her love for animals. 

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