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Anne Nowak

Anne Nowak is based in Copenhagen and works with fine art. She works in different materials such as various paper, mirrors, stone, and fabric, and with through techniques such as screen printing, drawing, spray painting and cyanotype. Her aesthetics reflect a fascination towards the outer hemisphere. In a poetic manner, she creates magnetic works that invite the viewer on a mystical journey into a micro-universes of suns, moons, and planets. Anne describes her artwork with the three words: “colorful, mindful and playful”.

Anne started creating art due to a life crisis: “I sat and looked into the wall feeling completely empty inside. Then a feeling occurred and I felt an urge to create something from within. Since then, I have not looked back and my art is a necessity for me to live”.

Since 2004, Anne Nowak has run her company, Nowak. Her artworks are sold in premium design shops and are often featured in interior design magazines. Anne Nowak has exhibited at The Spring Break Exhibition at Charlottenborg. She also exhibited at the Spring Break Art Show twice in NYC, and once at the Solo exhibition in the R2 Gallery.
Anne Nowak | Via theposterclub.com

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