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Anouk van Cleef


The artist Anouk van Cleef endeavors in quirky designs, mixing illustration techniques and graphic design together to attain her characteristic expression. She grew up on a flower farm in the southern part of the Netherlands and is still based in the Netherlands today: "I remember always getting out in the fields with my notebook to draw and write. Just me and a blank sheet full of possibilities."

After primary school, however, Anouk stopped drawing to pursue a career in graphic design. Anouk van Cleef started as a creative outlet. "I wanted to add more feeling to the superficial aspect of graphic design — it needed more flavour."

In an effort to capture the unique perspectives of life, Anouk finds inspiration in nature and flowers and how they are colourful and imperfect and yet at the same time always in balance.
Anouk van Cleef | Via theposterclub.com

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