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Atelier Cph

The artistic expression of the Copenhagen-based design studio is known for its minimalistic approach. In search of textuality and depth, the creative duo behind Atelier Cph, Sara Ingemann, and Mandy Rep, continuously experiments with new techniques and materials.

“Our artwork is created by mixing our love for tactility with a never-ending exploration of new techniques. We work with a combination of different materials — from textiles that we source in secondhand shops, to old paper with historical marks and handmade paper.”

Sourcing all their materials from secondhand and vintage shops, friends and family, and nature is a central part of their work, as the materials hold memories. “It is so important for us to use materials that have a history of their own,” Sara says. “It brings life to our work.”

By layering the different materials, Sara and Mandy create subtly intricate works that convey a special meaning. The process of creating their artwork is a case of trial and error and trusting themselves: “We try to be spontaneous and trust our intuitions, but there is also a lot of finalizing and being a perfectionist to keep the tight finish we like.”

Closer to nature

Since the beginning of their first design collection in 2012, they have been inspired by architectural lines and Japanese simplicity. “Architecture tells so much about the history of places and is tightly linked to different art movements,” Mandy shares. “We are very inspired by modern architecture that merged in the 20th century like De Stijl, Bauhaus, Brutalist architecture, and Constructivist architecture.”

However, with their latest collection, The Garden Collection, created exclusively for The Poster Club, they realised that they wanted to create something more playful.

“For this collection, we have been experimenting more with organic shapes and dared to play outside the lines and have created something that is a bit more bold and expressive in its design.”

And as it turned out the inspiration was just outside their doorstep. Both Sara and Mandy enjoy spending their free time taking long walks in the surrounding nature of their respective homes. After years of working out of their atelier in central Frederiksberg, they now also venture to Rep’s house situated in the forest north of Copenhagen. “We both like to be spontaneous and to have the possibility to work from various places and having a space close to nature just makes a lot of sense for us. We find a common ground in nature and its inherent sense of connectedness.”

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