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Berit Mogensen Lopez

Berit Mogensen Lopez is a Copenhagen based artist, taking inspiration from her previous work in the fashion industry as a designer. Her unique paper collages and her expressive paintings are created using a selection of elements, characterizing Berit's work in her special attention to and use of colours.

”Colours and shapes may resonate in emotions, like music". 

When Berit paints, she works out of restlessness, looking for the beauty in surfaces and color clashes. She likes the raw and unpolished form of art that distorts a painting. If it becomes too pretty and predictable, it’s too easy. For Berit, art is a completely different dimension. An escape from everyday life. And her pieces reflect this, through her abstract art prints. 

“It is always about the tension between the controlled and the uncontrolled.”

She admits that the combination of working by hand and working digitally challenges her process.

”Just as much as I love the immersion and time consuming efforts of hand painting and working with textiles, wood and paper, I also enjoy the quick results and possibilities by working digitally”.

Berit graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2001 with a degree in fashion and textile design. She has worked in the fashion industry for many years, but her collection of hand-tufted carpets became her way into the interior industry, designing textiles for bigger companies. Since entering the world of interiors, Berit delved into the depths of art and found herself consumed with the endless possibilities.
Berit Mogensen Lopez | Via theposterclub.com

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