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Bertel Bjerre

The joy of life. That is how simple and yet so comprehensive the Danish artist Bertel Bjerre describes his artworks.

Situated in North Zealand with a view of the ever-changing sea, Bjerre takes inspiration from his daily surroundings and gives them a simplified and straightforward expression. Whether that be on paper, canvas or in clay. Bjerre is an artist with many traits, but his artistic education started out in the world of fashion.

Sculptor and Ceramicist


“I studied at Skolen for Brugskunst at the beginning of the 1980s. Specifically fashion,” he says. “But in 1988 I was on a longer stay in Pietrasanta in Italy. Since then I have worked as a sculptor, painter and as ceramicist.”

Bjerre shares that his creative education has shaped him into the artist he is today: An artist, who wholeheartedly lives and breathes for his work. Every day is a new challenge that leads to something taking shape creatively.

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