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Bycdesign Studio

Bycdesign Studio is an Aalborg-based creative studio founded in 2016, that explores creating geometric forms and shapes with a mathematician’s attention to detail and quality coupled with an artist’s intuition for colour and form.

According to Bycdesign Studio, their work can be encapsulated by the words: Abstraction, contemporary geometric and timelessness.

“Art is a way of escaping into another world.”

The Simple Lines

Working seamlessly across the fields of interior styling, product photography and graphic design, the motifs created by Bycdesign Studio is heavily inspired by architecture and the colours of the Scandinavian countries.

“With resources and experience from printmaking and photography, it has been possible for Bycdesign Studio to bring a new perspective to the art we create. The simple lines take centre stage and are the starting point of the creative process.”

All prints from Bycdesign Studio