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Carissa Potter

Carissa Potter weaves a compelling narrative of self-discovery and creative evolution into her artworks. Her hometown of Oakland, California, a city of paradoxes where love coexists with fear, serves as both muse and backdrop for her artistic expression and her canvas becomes a portal to fictional places — realms of relaxation just beyond reach.

Drawing inspiration from figurative painting and a longing for an idealised past, Carissa’s art transcends time and stands as a testament to her ongoing quest for calmness. Beyond plant motifs as symbols of life and growth, Carissa explores love in its myriad forms, interlaced with themes of introspection. But at the core of her work lies an insatiable curiosity about human behaviour and what it means to be human.

Moments of Vulnerability

Her creative process is an intricate dance between personal experiences and moments of vulnerability. To Carissa, there is a delicate balance between the romantic notion of creating art out of sheer longing and the practicalities of curatorial decisions. As she navigates the complex interplay of influences and personal narratives, her works stand as a testament to the ongoing evolution of art and the individual within an ever-changing world.

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