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Cecilie Svanberg

The artist Cecilie Svanberg was born in South Korea, raised in Norway, and moved to Copenhagen at the age of 20 to enter art school and was later accepted to the School of Design, Institute of Visual Design at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Cecilie Svanberg has travelled the world.

She started creating art when she moved to Copenhagen and met other creative minds: “Since childhood, I have been drawing and doing creative things, but in Copenhagen, I discovered that I could actually do what I love for a living.”

The Personal Touch

Getting inspiration from friends, mid-century artworks, attentive colour combinations, strong creative women in history (be that architects, designers, painters or sculptors), love and life in general, Cecilie is known to always add a personal touch to her artworks.

“To me, art is something very personal and something that should always appeal to me on an emotional level. I am not going to be the judge of what is good or bad art – I think it is highly personal what you consider as art. I always try to go with my instinct, what I can relate to and what I think is beautiful.”

When asked to describe her artwork she replies: “personal, textural and colourful – and always anchored in my belief that beauty lies in the details.”

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