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Chloe Purpero Johnson

To artist Chloe Purpero Johnson creating art is a form of meditation and is a natural part of her everyday life: “I have found that creating art makes me feel alive and in my purpose. It allows me to be in full stillness and tranquility.” The art becomes a quiet place of hers as her mind tends to move at a rapid almost breathtaking speed: “But when I create art I am at peace.

Feminine and Playful

Inspired by modern expressionism her work brings a sense of curiosity as well as calm.

Chloe Purpero Johnson now lives in Charleston, SC, but grew up in Europe. In her art draws on both her roots in Europe as well as her current surroundings. Her motifs often consist of simple forms, the human figure, and earthy tones with a pop of bright colours.

And the artist herself describes her work as being “... feminine, playful and with a touch of whimsy.

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