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Cinzia Franceschini

Drawing inspiration from the fleetingness of everyday life and the organic shapes found in nature, Cinzia explores the way flowers bloom, the dance of trees swayed by the wind and the elegance of a sleeping cat—her beloved feline friend is a recurring muse and has become her go-to inspiration during moments of creative uncertainty. However, her most recent and profound influence stems from impending motherhood, a monumental shift that provides a unique lens through which she transforms her feelings and mixed sensations into captivating works of art.

Often responding to the simple yet reflective question, “How are you feeling today?” her artworks profile  a diverse range of expressions, from metaphorical botanical subjects to literal representations. Even positions assumed during yoga classes serve as inspiration, offering a unique perspective on portraying people and bodies in unconventional or uncomfortable situations.

Blue and Warm Red

Working with a versatile toolkit—pencils, wax or oil pastels, markers, acrylic and gouache paint—her choice of material is dictated by the desired effect, be it delicate, childlike or joyful. Using a monochrome palette, favouring blue and warm red set against the symbolic power of white, she embraces the philosophy that “less is more” to establish a personal connection with her art, which unfolds in two distinct phases. Instinctual and irrational at the outset, followed by a more technical and focused approach toward the final product, Cinzia visually explores a theme until the desired outcome is thoughtful yet does not sacrifice the spontaneity that defines her unique artistic expression.

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