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Clara Schicketanz

From her home in the outskirts of Berlin, German artist Clara Schicketanz draws inspiration from the vibrant energy of the German city to create art that embodies tranquillity, urging viewers to slow down and reconnect.

While her background lies in fashion, Clara’s true passion is in illustration and graphic design, where she focuses on projects that embrace her open and exploratory approach to creativity. Guided by colours and mediums, her art evolves naturally, resulting in pieces that emanate a sense of beauty and calmness.

Drawn to the North for its nature and art, Clara finds inspiration in the simplicity of life. Her intimate approach allows for a deeper exploration and appreciation of the human experience, intertwined with nature. Inspired, too, by the emotions and narratives of people in her life, Clara’s art encapsulates fleeting moments that leave a lasting impact.

Details of Flowers

Nature serves as an often-overlooked source of beauty in the hustle of daily life. Outdoor adventures enable Clara to appreciate the details of flowers, stones and the diverse colours of the Earth. Working analogue with ink, watercolours and occasionally adding gouache, the tactile experience of using brushes, paper and water helps Clara feel grounded and in tune with the evolving painting, while her subtle and natural tones evoke a sense of serenity.

Ultimately, her creative process is driven by a desire to convey a particular feeling, approached intuitively as she trusts the process, allowing her artworks to unfold as naturally as the subjects they depict.

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