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Clara Selina Bach

Clara Selina Bach’s art reflects her passion for storytelling, cultural exploration and vibrant expressions. In the different stages of her artistic process, sketches transform organically into compelling illustrations and paintings.

A graduate of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts’ School of Design in Copenhagen, Clara Selina Bach holds a master’s in visual communication and culture. Since completing her degree, she has worked as an independent illustrator and graphic artist, driven by the desire to run her own business and explore unique illustrative expressions.

From a young age, Clara has found joy in storytelling and expressing her creativity. Despite considering more “practical” career paths such as psychology or anthropology, her passion for understanding people, their relationships and cultural behaviours has remained a constant influence on her work, evident in the images she creates today.

Diving into Clara’s Artistic World of Colours

Her love for drawing people, animals, nature and city life and her fascination with colours form the cornerstone of her artistic identity. Finding inspiration in everyday life, memories and pop culture, as well as art from antiquity, this rich source of creative influence is echoed in the organic forms of her works. Paying close attention to the colours in her surroundings, she experiments with diverse palettes to convey stories, moods and emotions through acrylics, coloured pencils and liquid ink.

Clara’s artistic process unfolds in stages. Sketches, made using both digital tools and traditional methods, evolve organically as she works. Once a sketch captures the essence of her vision, she brings the image to life through painting or drawing. This dynamic process, marked by its inherent unpredictability, is what truly fuels her artistic passion.

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