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Coco Lapine

Sarah Van Petegham is the woman behind Coco Lapine. Sarah is a Belgian designer living in Munich, and she is particularly passionate about graphic design and interior design.

Already as a kid, Sarah started her creative journey: "I could spend hours crafting or painting and creating silly art projects at home, which my parents would have to find a place for in our home. These projects started to get more shape once I started studying design. I have never once stopped creating things and I don’t think I ever will".

Coco Lapine does art because she believes it is the ultimate relaxation and the perfect way to express herself. Her main inspiration source is Nature: "Mostly in its literal and broader sense. This could be a botanical photograph, a graphical composition, a painting or an art project as well. I’m so inspired by the lines and textures that are present all around us in Nature".

Due to Sarah Van Petegham's interior background, she always makes sure that what she designs looks well in an interior setting. Coco Lapine's artwork in a few words would, according to Sarah, be "Graphic, contrasting, designed for Nordic-style interiors".
Coco Lapine | Via theposterclub.com

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