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Das Rotes Rabbit

Giving an immediate sense of playfulness, Danish photographer and artist Sarah Williams creates art prints that embrace all aspects of life.

Sarah’s main line of work is as a photographer, but for several years she has also run the creative studio Das Rotes Rabbit, which explores graphic design, visual concepts and character branding. It means that she can unfold more of her creative energy to create more abstract work.

When Sarah creates an art print, the process starts off with an emotion, a snippet of a sentence, a colour or a thought. From here she transfers the impressions onto paper in a mixture of instinctual progress and considered editing.

And the name, Das Rotes Rabbit? That stems from Sarah’s work with scenography and character building. Das Rotes Rabbit is a character that Sarah developed with a close friend, and it came to represent some of the values that Sarah brings into her work. “The name itself is grammatically wrong and is a mixture of both German and English. But that is what I really like. That it reminds me to keep a healthy and creatively free distance to this sense of correctness.”

Colours of the earth

Especially colours play a central part in Sarah’s work: “Colours direct emotions, mood and storytelling — working as a close companion to the idea of the artwork,” she says. “My palette is southern French provinces, Italian lemon groves and the vast Pampas of Argentina.”

The international inspiration stems from Sarah’s formative years. Although she is born in Copenhagen, she spent most of her upbringing travelling in Central and South America with her father, who worked as a photographer and filmmaker. 

During these years, Sarah not only gathered a strong appetite for life and travel, but she also grew fond of Latin art and cultural heritage. Something which is still evident in her work today.

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