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Emil Monty Freddie

Emil Monty Freddie is from a creative family with both his great grandfather, Wilhelm Freddie, who was a surrealist and his grandfather, fashion photographer Jørn Freddie. He followed the family's footsteps and Emil himself became qualified advertising and fashion photographer from Århus. Emil Monty Freddie's inspiration comes from: "Travels, music, going to museums and galleries, talking to people and having time for myself".

Emil's artwork career was a result of the loss of a close family member: "My grandfather passed away in 2008. He was a photographer and I got to keep all of his negatives and old cameras. That’s when I picked up photography. I was 20 years old". When Emil is asked why he does art, he says: "Art is what happens when I let go".

The appreciation of Emil Monty Freddie's talent means that he has worked as a self-employed photographer since 2012 in Copenhagen, Denmark. In 3 words, Emil describes his artwork as: "Simple, personal and easy to digest". Of other achievements, Emil Monty Freddie has published the book “NorthTypes” with 2062 portraits from the NorthSide festival in Denmark throughout a 5-year period.

Also, he published a book about hands. The book is a tribute to the craft but is also a portrait photography book that shows the meeting between human beings and their specific histories and anecdotes. Emil Monty Freddie's artwork reflects what art is to him: "When one stops talking about it and leave it to the viewer. For me, art is not something that can be forced. It comes to me in the pauses. Out of curiosity and the need to create". 
Emil Monty Freddie | Via theposterclub.com

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