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Emma Lawrenson

Emma Lawrenson is a British printmaker. She lives and works from her farmhouse studio in the Yorkshire countryside.
 Since studying for her M.A in printmaking at the Royal College of Art in London, Emma’s life has been shaped by creating art.

“I strive to create something beautiful and understated in my work, and I have always been drawn to work that feels calm.”

The techniques and formal qualities of printmaking have always fascinated Emma, and her work is an engagement with the process, where she is passionate about craftsmanship.

“The process of screen printing and the time it takes to build up a final image is what holds the beauty of a piece; it’s a fundamental part of its soul. My prints may look ‘designed’, but are often rather intuitively and organically made. It’s a nice way to work, capturing a moment; a feeling I have at the time and just going with it.”

Minimalistic and Peaceful

Emma’s work ultimately emerges by intuition, her style is minimal and peaceful, and she is passionate about colour, which is always very carefully considered. She loves walking, photography, and travel; where anything from the smallest shape, shadow, pattern, texture, or colour can trigger an idea.

“I get inspired by walking in the countryside. The shapes, contours, and colours of the landscape are part of my daily life, and I make a point of absorbing as much as possible wherever I am. I try to look beyond the obvious and note unusual shapes, patterns, and colours as I go about my day.”

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