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Felix Pöttinger

Multidisciplinary artist Felix Pöttinger has lived for several years in England. It is where he studied at the Royal College of Art and earned his first living as a designer. “It was probably the most creative time of my life so far,” Felix says. Today, he lives and works in his hometown Munich in Germany.

Felix’s work is strongly influenced by his passion for experimenting with materials. He works with everything from linoleum, brushes, paper and wood to scanners and various software. “Lately, I have been inspired by mid-century printmaking and mixing those crafty techniques with the modern digital tools we have available today,” he says and continues: “Experimenting with different disciplines sometimes leads to new visual aesthetics and new ideas.”

Work in progress

Through his work, Felix tries to tell stories. “I have an all-out approach,” he says. “Basically, I start primitive sketching on post-its and try to produce as many as possible without being too selective. Later, I try to find patterns by rearranging them and putting them together again in new ways.”

This approach is somewhat inspired by his interest in the Maker Movement: A cultural trend that puts value in an individual’s craftsmanship and ability to create. “I like how makers are not seeking permission but just instantly create what seems to be useful and interesting.”

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