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Hanna KL

Hanna KL’s creativity is deeply rooted in her colourful upbringing north of Gothenburg, Sweden. The daughter of artist parents, her childhood home is a kaleidoscopic haven of colour and vintage treasures, while the garden blooms with exotic plants, sowing the seeds of inspiration that blossom into her artistic journey.

As an artist, designer and content creator, equipped with her iPad Hanna creates drawings that reflect her distinctive style. Beyond the digital realm, she uses traditional mediums such as markers, acrylics, gouache and whatever colourful paint she has at her disposal to translate her art into the physical world.

Her artworks echo the Postmodernist movement’s ethos of embracing aesthetics and playfulness for their own sake. Icons like Verner Panton and Ettore Sottsass serve as inspiration, guiding her exploration of form and colour, while palm trees and flowers – timeless symbols of vitality – are recurring motifs that provide a playground for experimentation and expression. Finding balance and inspiration through her travels to Los Angeles, where her partner resides, the pulsating energy and creativity of the American city have long been a wellspring of inspiration, even before she first set foot in the city.

Creative Process

For Hanna, inspiration strikes in spontaneous bursts, sometimes manifesting as a vivid mental image or a clear idea that demands immediate visualisation. Other times, she deliberately sits down, tackling projects or personal pieces with equal enthusiasm. Her creative process is dynamic, ranging from swift and effortless to patient and persistent.

Colour flows through her work like a second language and Hanna often revisits favourite combinations like pink and brown, pale blue and red, and orange and beige, recent ventures into darker tones have added depth and a fresh perspective to her already captivating body of work.

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