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Hanna Peterson

Hanna Peterson is a Swedish artist based in Gothenburg, Sweden. She grew up in a small town with a lot of freedom to explore and create. And she does not doubt that her pull to become an artist started in her earliest years.

“I have created art for as long as I can remember. It was my favourite thing to do as a child. I never grew out of that feeling.”

Creating art is for Hanna Peterson her own way of establishing a fluid communication between her inner self and the material world. She describes it as a way of mediating the thoughts and feelings she has, that she cannot find the words for. Instead, they become pieces of art.

When asked to describe her artwork she replies: timeless, flow, curious.

“My strive to evolve has always pulled me in new directions, to new places and situations,” Peterson says. Among other things, it has lead her to achieve an MFA in design, which is a craftsmanship that she still uses in her artwork today: “When I paint I see patterns: The flow of the motif and overall composition. It is such vital components to my work.

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