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Hanna Peterson

Her work is subtly colourful and filled with a characteristic expression that appreciates the human body, the textiles we wrap ourselves in and the surroundings we interact with. “For me, the composition is very important, such as what is in focus, the angle of a body as well as what is included and what is excluded from the motif,” says the Swedish artist Hanna Peterson.

The organic texture of fabrics and skin is a recurring motif in Hanna’s work. She prefers to use gouache on raw canvas when she paints, but lately, she has also dabbled with tufting and working with other textiles where she uses natural materials such as wool, cotton and linen. “I am a material nerd and love how fabrics are moving and falling,” she says and continues: “Besides architectural functionalism, I am also inspired by the Scandinavian textile movements around the 60s. Especially their analogue sketching methods and the simplicity of their designs.”

A home away from home

Hanna grew up in a small town in the middle of Sweden but has for the past several years called the coastal city of Gothenburg her home. In this city, she has established herself as an artist and works day-to-day from a small studio and atelier that she shares with a friend. However, most of the initial ideas for her work take form during her daily walks. “When I’m out walking I sketch in my mind. Afterwards, I often create mood boards that I keep next to me when I am working — it helps me to build up an atmosphere that can guide me through the creative process.”

Working as an artist, the lines between personal life and professional inspiration are blurred. “Which is natural, but sometimes it needs to be treated carefully — especially when it comes to bringing work home. I believe it is very important to call it a day in order to continue to work towards my dreams.”

To switch off, Hanna enjoys yoga and spends a lot of time outdoors in nature as soon as the sun is out. “My latest interest is an old but cute sailing boat which I am gonna learn to sail this summer.”

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