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Hein Studio

Hein Studio is a Danish design and interior brand, situated in Copenhagen. Hein Studio was founded by Rebecca Hein who is also the Creative Director.

Rebecca has always created art and she does it because: "It truly makes me happy. It's a way to express myself in different ways. For me, it's more like... I can't stop, I always get a new idea that I want to see become reality".

Hein Studio creates Nordic design with high quality, good craftsmanship and aesthetic sustainability. All of her pieces are made to last and beautify the everyday living. Rebecca describes the artwork with the three words: "Simple, organic and lines". This also reflects in how art, to Rebecca, is: "A place, piece or object where time stands still".

Hein Studio designs are inspired by diversity, contemporary art, and architecture that have its roots in aesthetic beauty. Personally, Rebecca Hein finds inspiration in the ocean and the forest: "My best work, I always draw when I am at the beach house. I guess the water and nature on the west coast clear my mind". Hein Studio works with finding the contrast in different materials and colors, the diversity of organic and minimalistic shapes, making every design unique, yet timeless.
Hein Studio | Via theposterclub.com

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