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Helena Ravenne

Helena Ravenne’s work is highly influenced by her background as an illustrator and graphic designer: It has a clean aesthetic whilst still being colourful. The dynamics between soft colours, plants and geometric shapes create an instant playful feeling and thus combine Ravenne’s love of handmade elements and digital techniques. Though the overall atmosphere of Ravenne’s artwork is a calm minimalistic aesthetic.

Simplicity makes me happy,” she says with a smile. “My illustrations are colourful and feminine, but in a minimalistic way. I try to avoid making my work ‘overdone’.” Because to Ravenne, art should simply be simple and beautiful.

The Source of Inspiration 

The artist is often asked where she finds her inspiration, and she shares that it can actually originate from anything: A look in a magazine, walking in nature, conversations with friends. “Inspiration really is everywhere — but I usually find it exactly when I am not looking for it. I think there is a certain purposelessness behind it.” Which can also make working with inspiration and creativity can — according to Ravenne — quite difficult. Because it is something you have to let go of in order to access.

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