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Isabelle Vandeplassche

Drawing inspiration from the sunny side of everyday life, the Belgian-born artist Isabelle Vandeplassche, combines colours in a way that creates an almost analogue atmosphere.

Currently, Vandeplassche is situated in a small fisherman's village in Portugal and the hues of the ocean, the quaint architecture and breezy greenery seep into her artworks, which she describes as playful yet calming.

"My work often involves a serene feeling which reflects my personality quite well as I am definitely an introvert."

Vandeplassche has always experimented with different materials and techniques in an effort to stay open to developing her creative language. "To me, art is an important way of self-expression. I am not good with words, so creating art is my way of translating my thoughts and feelings."
Isabelle Vandeplassche | Via theposterclub.com

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