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Jaron Su

Jaron Su's art wants to put a smile on your face. Jaron was born and raised in Taiwan but has been living in Eindhoven in the Netherlands since 2014, where he lives with his husband and their cat. His art is his life and vice versa; "When you look at my art you get a slice of my life. A flower I spotted on my morning run, a place we visited on vacation, a feeling, a story of friends, or something I saw or heard."

Jaron first started creating art when he was only 10 years old and drew up a new package design for his parents' business. At 18 he knew that he had a talent for creating and went on to study fashion design. But it was always the drawing and painting that was his real passion - leading him to become an artist 8 years later.

"I feel things very strongly, and art is my way to let out those feelings. I want to bring people joy, but joy is never pure. There is always a little bit of sourness in it. I believe that you have to accept the sourness to be able to feel the joy. If you look closely in my paintings, there’s always a little twist."

Details are important to Jaron, who said goodbye to big-scale canvases years ago and never looked back. "The smaller format is a sweet spot for me, where I can play with details - All my paintings tell a story, but I want you to come close to the art to see it."
Jaron Su | Via theposterclub.com

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