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Johannes Geppert

Artist Johannes Geppert lives and works in Sydney, Australia. He moved to Australia from Hamburg Germany when he was 20 years old and have lived there ever since. Apart from his new hometown, he has lived in Berlin, Montreal and Vancouver over the past years.

“Rules are a part of life but there has to be a balance to rules, something that frees us from rules to me that is an abstraction.”

His interest in art started from an early age and he has always loved how an artwork gives mood and character to a space.

“My interest started quite early. From the age of 10, I remember staying over at friend’s places and being fascinated by their parent’s artwork. I believe my first instinct to paint and draw was a need to express myself when I was becoming a teenager. Soon after I realised that it was a good outlet, a way to relax and a lot of fun. I enjoy being creative ever since. ” 


The Rythm of the Work

When creating art Johannes mostly uses pastels, charcoal, paintbrush and his hands but he likes to experiment with whatever art tools he has available. Getting his inspiration from magazines, books but also from the ocean, nature or the city’s streets.

“When I paint or draw I direct my focus and energy on the present moment. I try not to think further as the lines or shapes for example and the speed and rhythm I want to begin with. This is when I come up with my best work.”

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