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Jörgen Hansson

Jörgen Hansson is a Swedish artist and stone mason living in Bohuslän on the west coast of Sweden.
At an early age, Jörgen started drawing as it has always brought him: “A satisfaction in how the lines with small adjustments can change the whole outcome in a picture”. Jörgen Hansson is inspired by many things, but: “Often nature and people”.


Different Techniques 

To Jörgen, art is satisfaction. He puts an effort into playing with different techniques and materials. According to Jörgen Hansson, mixing different techniques and materials: “Make it interesting and inspiring and it helps me to not stagnate in a certain form in the creation of pictures or sculptures”. Of materials, he uses ink, stone, charcoal, wood, watercolor, drypoint, acrylic, etc. When asked to describe his artwork with three words, Jörgen Hansson says: “Lines, form, expression“. He follows up by stating: “Most often, I simplify pictures and shapes until I get a nerve in the line or the surfaces that feel right”.

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