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Julie Brix

Danish-born Julie Brix developed an insatiable wanderlust from an early age. After completing school, her yearning for exploration led her to Latin America, which captured her heart with its rich culture, vibrant colours, diverse nature and unique ways of life. Spending a semester in Lima, Peru as part of her university studies, her transformative experience there ignited a passion for further discovery and Julie relocated to Berlin. What was meant to be a six-month stint evolved into eight years of immersion into the German capital’s dynamic art scene, exploring exhibitions, savouring culinary delights and absorbing the city’s pulsating energy.

The Urban Life Through a Lens

Now back in Denmark, Julie has established herself as a photo artist. Her images capture everyday encounters from her travels. As part of an ongoing project, Berlin’s U-Bahn is immortalised in snapshots devoid of human presence—a challenging task in the bustling environment of the underground stations. Portraying the essence of these spaces, highlighting the captivating use of colours, patience becomes both a virtue and a necessity, with moments sometimes requiring extended waits or quick, decisive snapshots amid the constant flow of commuters.

Armed with her vintage Miranda camera and 35mm film, or sometimes just her iPhone, Julie’s spontaneous images evoke nostalgia, in appealing tones and striking compositions. Her work reflects a profound appreciation for the visual arts and a belief in the transformative power of exploration and spontaneity.

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