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Kate Friend

Kate Friend is a British photographer. After some years living in Asia she now lives and works in London. She started creating art when she realized it would take her places.

“I like to feel constant change and movement. When starting new work I look for the times and places in nature where things are at their peak. Everything is cyclical, and within these cycles I am drawn to the moments just before a big change: the crescendo, the pinnacle, the utmost, the blooming.. the moment just before a peak fades into something else.”

Passion for Flowers

Kate is known for her photographs of flowers and of seascapes. Her style is minimal and considered, with a unique use of colour. With her Botanical Portraits, each flower is shot on location at a particular garden, or is grown by a chosen gardener. Each resulting photograph is imbued with a sense of place.

She is drawn to stories of identity and to interpretations of land, sea and plants. Kate is inspired by Movement. Ecosystems. The elements of nature. Desolate landscapes. Violent weather.

When asked to describe her art with three words, she replies: minimal, bold and refined.

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