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Kelly Jay

Kelly Jay’s art showcases a rich and colourful palette influenced by her Caribbean and Indian heritage. The essence of ancient storytelling, manifested through folklore, myths, memories and dreams, is a driving force behind her art. Recurring motifs include stars, moons, clouds and animals, while ancient stories and textiles serve as perpetual sources of inspiration.

Ideas flow seamlessly, whether sparked by deep dives into research books, dreamscapes or nostalgic reflections. Kelly’s initial sketches capture fleeting concepts to provide a foundation for the meticulous recreation of each piece on her chosen media. Often a combination of gouache and ink on handmade Indian cotton paper with feathered edges or smoother Fabriano paper, each stroke resonates with a vibrant fusion of contrasting colours. And the resulting motifs and decorative elements convey a universal feeling of joy rather than adhering to a specific aesthetic.

Sustainable Creativity

While there was once an exhaustive list of artistic aspirations, Kelly has embraced a slower, more sustainable approach to her practice. Recognising that being an artist is a lifelong pursuit, she now values the process, finding fulfilment in the journey rather than the pace. In this deliberate approach, Kelly seeks to savour every moment and redefine her success beyond the confines of productivity.

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