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Laura Page

I actually thought I would pursue a career in graphic design,” tells British illustrator Laura Page. However, during the lockdowns, she started building her portfolio as an artist and has since worked on editorial projects and illustrated a children’s book.

Laura Page is inspired by her immediate surroundings: “Mostly homely, cosy little moments in my everyday life. Like a breakfast table setting, a cup of coffee, magazines, and old photographs.” Which results in her artworks being calm, mindful, and with a heavy focus on textures.

Special Moments

When feeling uninspired, I always have to remember how important it is to just let the moment pass and try not to force inspiration, as it will always come back in the most unexpected places!

To Laura Page, art is a reflection of how we see the world. It captures the special moments in our lives and provides a new perspective that can kindle our gratefulness.

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