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Léa Coubray

Taken from the tapestry of daily life, moments that often go unnoticed are meticulously captured with vibrant clarity in Léa Coubray’s pastel artworks that allow the viewer to glimpse the essence of femininity and beauty that exists in in the ordinary.

Léa Coubray’s artistic journey has always been intrinsically linked to the elegance of women. Born and raised in Paris, France, from a young age she explored the city’s cultural offerings and experimented with diverse artistic mediums. The allure of feminine elegance, both in the pages of magazines, on the silver screen and on the streets of Paris, never ceased to capture her imagination and these women became the focal point of her artistic journey.


Capturing Feminine Essence on a Colourful Canvas

Using oil pastels as a powerful vehicle to translate the world of women, she captures the subtleties of daily gestures, the intimacy of shared moments and the vibrant emotions that exist within these experiences.

Experimenting with textures and hues while embracing the challenge of working with a medium where every mark, intentional or not, is irreversible, Léa navigates the fine balance between spontaneity and control as she skilfully yet playfully shapes negative space into the female form. The result is a mesmerising patchwork of bright colours, often peppered with a touch of pink, as a visual testament to their deep connection with femininity and beauty.

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