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Kevin Frankental is a South African designer and the co-owner of Lemon. Frankental’s particular fascination with furniture and graphic design as well as photography has informed Lemon’s journey, along with influences and inspiration from multiple eras, in particular the midcentury period. Lemon introduced print designs to their collections in 2017.

Frankental’s process involves delving into the capabilities of different materials and stretching their scope to consider new uses. He oversees product design and marketing and has prioritised strong relationships with long term collaborators – an integral part of his vision to serve as a platform for South African talent.

“We have always had a deep interest in fine art but somewhere along our journey, we realised that there is also a place for pieces that can be decorative and accessible to a larger audience. We like the idea that a beautiful print can bring someone joy. Art can be many things.” 

Lemon has a team of in-house designers, illustrators and photographers. They see the process as being similar to fashion houses. They like to bring out collections based on what is inspiring them at the time, with a large focus on creating work that they will love now and into the future. Nostalgia and history play a huge part in their process.

” To us, good design is a thoughtful design. We live comfortably in the space where beauty and function meet and aim always to create pieces that are both useful and decorative.” 

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