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Lianca Heemro

Born and raised in the coastal city of Cape Town in South Africa, the visual artist Lianca Heemro explores the construction of memory in her artwork: ”I am fascinated by how we as humans remember. The notion of memory as something to be stored, and which involves both psychological, biological, and spiritual aspects.

In an attempt to tell the story of memory, Lianca Heemro creates abstract paintings and audio-visual installations. Translating memory and remembering into colours and forms.

To Look

The act of remembering also plays a great personal part in Lianca Heemro’s work as an artist. “My art is me paying tribute to my heritage,” the artist tells. A part of her family originates from the North Cape, Namaqualand, which is one of only a few places where the Khoekhoegowab language is spoken. And her latest project is called Kō Re, which roughly translates from Khoekhoegowab to ‘to look’.

“To me art is education. I believe that art teaches people to perceive the world and themselves in different ways. This is the meaning of art. It is a social practice.”

Portrait photography credits: Ayesha Kazim.

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