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Lisa Wirenfelt

The Swedish Lisa Wirenfelt started creating art when she was living in New York and her Art History teacher took her to all of the museums in town: "Then when I was alone in the evenings, everything just came to me. I had found a way of communicating my inner color palette".

Today, Lisa Wirenfelt has done a few exhibitions in Sweden, sells art prints all over the world, does originals, sculptures, illustrations and more. The reason why she does art is that: "I’m obsessed with it. I simply cannot be without it".
Lisa Wirenfelts inspiration mainly comes from color combinations as she sees the world in color combinations and patterns. That is also the reason why she describes her artwork with the three words: "Warm, smooth and colorful".

To Lisa, art is dreamy: "It’s like zooming out from everything we’ve learned about rules, routines, and boring stuff. It’s a plug-and-play fantasy capsule". However, she also finds herself in an experimental phase. Yet, the warmness and softness are characteristic for her art: "And that is being illustrated in a collection balanced between skinny sketching with basically no color and big fat lines in many colors".
Lisa expresses it creatively and visually by stating "I think it’s like eating wasabi between your sushi rolls. I need to cleanse from color once in a while and then go back".


Lisa Wirenfelt | Via theposterclub.com

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