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Lisa Wirenfelt

The Swedish artist Lisa Wirenfelt started creating art when she was living in New York and her art history teacher took her to all of the museums in town: “When I was alone in the evenings, everything just came to me. I had found a way of communicating my inner color palette”.

Today, Lisa Wirenfelt has done a few exhibitions in Sweden, sells art prints all over the world, does originals, sculptures, illustrations and more. Giving a glimpse into the productive mind of the artist: “I’m obsessed with art. I simply cannot be without it”. But if she could only use three words to describe her art it would be warm, smooth and colourful.

Inspiration from Everyday Life

Her inspiration mainly comes from colour combinations and patterns that she experiences in her everyday life and in the world when travelling. However, her entire body of work showcases an act of contrasts: Balancing between skinny sketching with very few colours and broad, soft strokes in lots of bright colours. She explains: “I think it’s like eating wasabi between your sushi rolls. I need to cleanse from colour once in a while and then go back.”

To Lisa, art is kind of like dreaming: “It’s like zooming out from everything we’ve learned about rules, routines, and boring stuff. It’s a plug-and-play fantasy capsule.”


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