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Little Detroit

In January 2019, Little Detroit was founded by Christine Brage, who is the designer and artist behind the company. Christine Brage is a Danish artist that mainly works with paper cuts. She loves to experiment with different patterns, shapes, and colors and most of her works are made in free hand and without an exact plan. Normally she just sees where the scalpel leads her.

“My dream has always been to make art in any form. Creating and expressing myself through art is a big part of me and who I am as a person.”

Key to Life

Christine was educated in a very different profession and has been working with kids for several years, but she always felt the urge to make art. Three years ago she finally decided to go with her urge and started doing papercuts. She got very drawn into it and has made it ever since. She loves the free process of working with paper and she daily works with new patterns, textures and color combinations”.

“I do art because I simply can’t stop. When I do art- time and place disappear for a moment and to me, it is my daily therapy and mindfulness.”

Getting her inspiration from everywhere she goes, but mostly from her daily walks in nature. When asked to describe her art she replies: organic, calm and abstract.

“To me art is the key to life.

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