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Liv Lee

During the global pandemic, Liv Lee decided to leave city life in Sydney and return to her coastal hometown of Port Macquarie together with her husband and young daughter. Set among stunning beaches, rainforests and bushland, this small town became the backdrop for Liv’s rekindled creativity.

Having harboured a passion for crafting from a young age, Liv’s artistry took a detour when she pursued studies in Marketing, PR and communications at university. However, in her early twenties, she circled back to her creative roots, experimenting with various artistic mediums, from wood carvings to silver smithing and fine-line botanical drawings. Through this exploration, she discovered her distinctive artistic style – and her authentic self.

Liv’s father, an accomplished artist known for intricate wood carvings and detailed drawings featuring native Australian cockatoos and flora, has been a profound influence. While their styles differ, her father instilled in her an appreciation for the beauty and inspiration found in the Australian landscape. Liv finds her muse in the bold and eccentric forms of native flora, and her immediate surroundings play a pivotal role in shaping the textures, shapes and colours that dominate her artworks.

Back to Roots

Flowers take centre stage – bold, eccentric and unapologetic. As distinctive subjects, they become a canvas for Liv’s interpretation, where shapes and lines are accentuated to fit within the unique contours of her artistic vision. Colour, too, plays a narrative role, guiding the viewer through the story of a given piece – and Liv’s affinity for bright colours often surprises with unexpected combinations.

Blending analogue and digital techniques seamlessly, Liv conceptualises shapes and layouts through rough doodles, progressing to larger, more detailed sketches before bringing her ideas to life with gouache. The resulting paintings, scanned at high resolution, undergo a digital refining process in Photoshop.

Deeply rooted in nature and self-discovery, Liv’s artistry continues to blossom, offering a vibrant and captivating narrative for art enthusiasts everywhere.

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