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Louis Buck

Shaped by the ebb and flow of daily life, UK-based artist Louis Buck weaves familial ties, the natural world and skateboard culture into his vibrant, abstract creations.

A move from London to the serene Cambridgeshire countryside brought about a profound change in outlook for Louis Buck, as parenthood became a catalyst for self-belief and a source of energy for his artistic endeavours.

By day, he assumes the role of a creative designer, employing digital mediums on a tablet to initially sketch and replicate real materials. This serves as a foundation to gauge the desired effect before transitioning some works onto canvas, in materials like card, pencil, oil pastels and oil or acrylic paints.

Where Art and Life Converge in Vibrant Expression

Evenings at home are sacred for Louis, where art becomes a means to unwind and let his creative energy flow freely. Driven by impulse and inspired by abstract expressionism and the colours of everyday life, his works are visceral reactions to stimuli around him. Family and loved ones often find themselves subtly referenced in his creations, with shapes unintentionally embodying letters or stars drawn by his daughter, while influences from his youth in skateboard culture add an extra layer of depth.

While Louis acknowledges the rules and theories governing colour, he revels in breaking them when intuition dictates. Whether representing emotions or adding a touch of discomfort to his compositions to reflect a mood, colour becomes a powerful tool for expression.

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