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Lucrecia Rey Caro

Lucrecia Rey Caro is an artist and freelance graphic designer from Argentina. She started getting involved in art from a very young age, by painting and making handcrafts.

"I’m always exploring and experimenting with new concepts and ideas. I consider myself a very curious and self-taught person. Right now, I’m getting acquainted with the world of Sculpture and Visual Arts."

As she grew up, she found art as her strongest form of expression. It’s the best way for Lucrecia to show her thoughts and emotions.

"I’m a person who finds inspiration everywhere, from small to large details; In places such as, nature, music, poetry or the air. I find inspiration in everything that can exalt my senses and make me feel something special. I create through emotions."

It is difficult for her to find only three words to describe her art since it has grown with her in her own-personal evolution and transformation. "I could choose: "Expression, freedom and emotion”. 

"I love to travel and to get involved with different cultures. I think it’s one of the best ways to expand self-Knowledge and be constantly inspired."
Lucrecia Rey Caro | Via theposterclub.com

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