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Lucrecia Rey Caro

Living in Córdoba, Argentina, the artist Lucrecia Rey Caro is never far from either the bustling city life or the calmness of the mountains. Especially the mountains are a space of escapism, that Lucrecia seeks during the weekends to enjoy the fresh air and the quiet: “I find a lot of peace during the weekend. I have my daily rituals, music, meditation, loneliness, and nature. They are great allies when it comes to creating.”

It runs as a connecting thread throughout Lucrecia’s work, that her inspiration is sensory. From motifs, colours, and materials, her choices are based on sensations: “I don’t like to think of the artworks in advance, they just happen. In that sense, my artwork says a lot about me, but also about the moment it was created.”

Her continued curiosity has led to her working with traditional paper and canvas, but also sculptures, ceramics, engravings, and woodwork.

A sense of connection

Another theme evident in Lucrecia’s work is the sense of history. “Our ancestors, indigenous tribes, symbolism, ancient cultures. I am fascinated by it,” she says.

A lot of Lucrecia’s artwork is kept in a neutral colour palette with darker hues acting as contrasting elements. Her dream is to continue to express herself through her art — to be able to share it with the world and to tribute a piece of herself to the homes of others.

“I am moved when people feel identified with some of my artwork, or that it brings back some memory of their childhood, life, or culture. When that happens, I am not only giving someone something beautiful but also a deeper feeling of connection.”

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