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Madelen Möllard

Madelen Möllard is an artist, illustrator, and designer based in Stockholm, Sweden. Originally from Karlshamn, a small town in Southern Sweden, Madelen started dreaming of becoming an artist early on. She left her hometown to study and work in Los Angeles and Stockholm, where she has explored different creative areas such as styling, fashion design, graphic design, illustrating, and painting.

“I started creating art as soon as I could grab a pen, probably just a few years old. My grandfather was a very skilled artist and worked with restoring old paintings so naturally, he became a big inspiration to me.”

Finding Inspiration in Everything

Madelen primarily creates figurative artworks with bold colors and shapes. To Madelen, the creative process has to be exciting and she finds inspiration in almost anything – A vase, a painting, a garden, as long as it has interesting color combinations, shapes, and some peculiar elements.

“I do art because creating makes me feel good and it takes me to a state of satisfaction and super clear focus. To me, art is something to love, dislike, or just something to enjoy and lay eyes on.”

When asked to describe her art in three words, Madelen chose the following: “Bold, colorful and dreamy”

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