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Madi lives a life filled with love, laughter and boundless inspiration. From her studio in Lisbon, the French artist’s works speak a pictorial language she defines as like a game; an escape and her happy place. She paints because she needs to, she says, creating a self-contained universe free from boundaries as she forms motifs that feature lovers, flowers, the sun and eyes and exude a surreal and dreamlike quality.

Love, nature, people, daily routines, films and music are muses that infuse each brushstroke with life and vibrancy. Colours transcend mere pigments on a palette to become a language of feelings and moods that add depth and nuance to each piece.

Life as an Artist 

In a process that is singular, intimate and endearing, her notebook sketches are meticulously transformed into images that balance colour, harmony and details. Working in layers she scrutinises each, adding details over time until the composition takes on a life of its own.

Madi’s artistic evolution is fuelled by a deep-seated commitment to authenticity and sincerity and guided by her instincts, which breathe life into every piece. In her pursuit of artistic balance and self-expression, she remains an explorer, a creator and a storyteller—painting not just on canvases but on the tapestry of life.

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