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Malene Birger

Having called most of Europe her home during the past decade, Copenhagen-born designer and artist Malene Birger finds creative inspiration in her changing environment. “My inspiration is coming and going — it’s the flow of my life and energy, and it’s all depending on what I´m doing or where I am,” Malene says, and continues to describe her creative process: “I can have a clear vision when approaching a new artwork. However, the result can end up looking completely different. It’s like my hand and strokes are guiding me and with more work comes more experience and trust.”

Both personally and professionally, standing still is hardly an option for Malene, who has founded multiple international fashion brands and over the last decade, she has established her present-day career as an artist and interior designer. 

“Inspiration comes from working. Not from waiting.”

Her current home on Mallorca´s East side has a grand studio, from where she spent most of her time, when not travelling. And to support her mind and body, she starts most days with yoga and a swim in the sea.

A Place among the Almond Trees

In her home studio surrounded by almond trees, Malene creates her abstract and graphic artworks. She is inspired by artists like Pierre Soulages, Franz Kline and Cy Twombly. “Simple, strong graphic strokes inspire me. The proportion and placement of the colours are interesting that’s the power and energy of the artwork,” she says.

Malene mostly works with canvas, linen and paper and from time to time with clay and marble. She prefers a monochrome colour palette of black, creme, white and an earthy range of tones with an occasional touch of yellow.

Working and living in the same space blur the lines between the two. And a typical Saturday could just as well be consumed by work or entail time spend at the beach with a book. However, it is from the intricate elements of her own life, that Malene draws inspiration: From travelling, movies, books, and conversations with friends and other interesting people. “I used to be very social and was almost never alone. Now it is the opposite. I need a lot of solitude and peace — it’s where I feel most at home.”

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