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Malene Birger

There might be a chance that you know Malene Birger from her 25 years of working within the fashion industry. She led the creation of two of Denmark's most successful international fashion brands – she co-founded DAY Birger et Mikkelsen in 1997 and in 2003 she founded By Malene Birger, which became an international success overnight. Malene Birger is synonymous with uncompromising style and attention to detail.

The multiple award-winning designer has since worked on numerous interior and design projects. She has moved more than 30 times since she was in her 20´s, lived in Stockholm, Mallorca, London and is now living by Lake Como in Italy, where she runs her workshop and studio MALENE BIRGER'S WORLD.

Malene Birger started painting when she moved to Mallorca in 2007. She has since focused on developing herself within new techniques and materials. At present she spends most of her time in her studio.

"I can't live without my creative work, taking courses, working with my tutor - to be in that flow and process is freedom…. time stands still. I go into a space where I feel fulfilled, relaxed and inspired".

Malene Birger's artworks are mainly expressed in bold, abstract forms rendered in monochrome hues. In a few words she describes her art:

“My art is graphic, have abstract forms and is mainly in black and white."

Malene Birger finds her inspiration in almost everything:

"I don't really look for specific inspiration… inspiration is everywhere. It's not only what you see, it's how you translate the inputs and source. The art I create depends on my mood and my energy. To travel and meet other cultures, visiting artists and to follow creative people are all very stimulating".

As Malene puts it simply:

"This world would be a very dull place without artists."
Portrait photography credits: Lis Kasper Bang
Malene Birger | Via theposterclub.com

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