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Marina García Fernández

Growing up, Marina García Fernández’s father owned a printing company and used to bring literal kilos of draft pieces of paper home for her to draw on. “I think that having infinite sheets of paper made me lose the fear of blank canvas,” García says. “I drew all the time.”

She found and still finds inspiration in the small daily details such as ceramics, a conversation, and fragments of books — but especially some of her greater passions like gastronomy and nature.

Figurative and Simple
García has studied Creation and Design with a specialisation in drawing and has since worked mostly in the fashion industry. “It is a very exciting, hectic and competitive universe. It requires a great culture and visual understanding, so I think I’ve grown a lot as a visual artist due to this.”

Today, García would describe her artistic works as figurative, simple and serene. But most of all she sees the creative process as a way of sharing thoughts and feelings: “When I am creating, whether from observation, memory or imagination, I am narrating through images, I am telling people something.”

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