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Marta Leyva

Originating from Spain, but currently living in a commute between Stockholm and Barcelona, Marta Leyva uses her art as a way to connect with her culture. “Being away from home makes me appreciate my roots even more and it is a way for me to feel closer to them.”

Marta used to work as a translator, but after joining her friend for a painting class, she realised she loved it. So much so, that in 2017 she quit her job to pursue a life as a full-time artist. “And I wouldn’t change it for anything now,” she says.

Colourful Art
Her work is colourful and she recognises that colours are completely essential for her creative work. “They give me strength, positivity, and energy. I like to create different colour palettes but there are some favourites that are always to be found in my paintings like salmon, green and beige.”

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